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David Brunn is a musician, composer, producer currently living in the USA in Seattle Washington.

He has written, produced, and performed music for theatre, film and video, and the avant-garde.

He is a pioneer in synthesizer artistry but composes mainly on the grand piano.

David also teaches and performs the Tabla drums of North India.

Collaboration and credits include: Disney, Entros, National Geographic, Cirque du Soleil, Emmy award winning artist Diane Givens, violin virtuoso Alex Johnson, and Ustad Shujaat Khan.


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  • * Themes for Dreams....cd/cass....David Brunn's musical themes for
        National Geographic and other short films.
    * Amazing Grace....cd.... Joseph Weisnewski's exploration and discovery
    * Ancestors....cass....Tabla master Akram Khan first US solo tabla release
    * Do Not Touch....cass....Master collage by Alien Incarnate
        (aka Leper Atma Khan)
    * The Clouds....cass....with Painter and Flutist, Divit Cardoza
    * The Pass....cass....with Violinist Alex Johnson


David Brunn
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